Raoul Maeder


In the Maeder’s family, bread and Alsatian best recipes are a tradition passed from generation to generation from father to son. Love for quality, concerns of the detail, quest for perfection in every ingredient are their heritage. And the artisans working with them have same level of requirement, know- how and passion.

Unique know-how

Before being trained by his father in the family bakery, Raoul Maeder was in apprentice in the most prestigious houses: the Hotel of Vigny, La Maison du Chocolat, and La Maison Ducamp with the ancient master of Lenôtre. And so he will carry on the family torch by being one of the best bakers in France.


Raoul Maeder's Alsatian bakery is regularly awarded first prices for its bread: " Meilleure baguette de Paris " in 2000 and in 2002, and again in 2004 for the " Meilleure galette de Paris ". Whether it is for its baguettes, its galettes or its croissants, Raoul Maeder is nominated year after year. In 2002, these nominations have opened him the doors of the Elysée as official supplier.

When fondness of food becomes a poetry...

As P.Viron, the famous miller said Raoul Maeder’s breads are: " Beautifully carved and golden, perfectly balanced, exhaling a pronounced toasted scent with caramel overtones. While retaining the pearl cream shade and wild honeycombed texture the bread is audacious, both abundant and athletique in body, round and agile, exuding perfumes of earth and spring flowers. The flavors are rich and engaging, sometimes with a hint of nut."
A rabelaisienne feather would be needed to describe fougasses, plump chocolate croissants, sweets and the other delicacies created by Raoul Maeder with his talent. His selection of ingredient is based on excellency : Valrhona for its chocolate so rich in cocoa beans, first cold pressure olive oil, Charente-Poitou for its delicious butter, the softness of a top quality cooked ham, the flavor of fresh fruits delivered every morning and the well-known Viron flour made in the Beauce, grain loft of Europe.

Alsatian heritage

Whether it is with his already famous sweet or salty Kougelhopf, his Pretzels, pure delights of salt, his Manele, small cheerful chaps in tender brioche, roguish sound Linzer Torte which marries cinnamon and raspberry, apple and pear delicious Streusel, his fabulous shortbread cookies or his apple compote with almonds Sundgau, at Raoul Maeder, Alsace welcomes you with the smile and the respect for the gastronomic tradition.

Parisian address with a scent of country side

It is necessary to push the door of 158 bld Berthier, in the XVIIth, or the door of the 111 bld Haussmann, in the VIIIth of Paris, to understand how people can discover the taste of excellency. Apricot bread for white meat, orange and anise bread for tea time, truffle bread, toffee bread, hazelnut bread, pepper bread and curry bread …
This is a magic place with multiple treasures where flavors, scents, forms and colors are soft and pleasant to the papillae and the eyes. This is the kind of place you want to keep secret or share only with intimate friends.

Worldwide recognition

Raoul Maeder exports his know-how to Japan as well as in the Middle East. When the famous house Fauchon decided to create its bakery, Raoul Maeder was the man behind the scene. Raoul Maeder absolutely wants to perpetuate the French and Alsatian gastronomic culture with highest respect by taking his time in answering to the numerous national and international requests.